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Portland is home to some of the most authentic Asian gardens and comprehensive art collections. Taking in visual representations of AAPI culture is an effective way to increase understanding and acceptance. Art has a unique way of bringing diverse communities together and creating a shared experience that unites us. Planning a trip to any of these listed AAPI art museums or exhibits would make for a relaxing afternoon absorbing cultural values and artistry.

Japanese American Museum of Oregon

Formerly known as the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, this museum provides physical and virtual opportunities to learn about Japanese American art, culture, history, civil rights, sports, and other topics.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Considered one of the most authentic gardens outside of China, Lan Su transports visitors to an inspiring wonderland of art, architecture, design, and nature that honors Chinese culture.

Portland Chinatown Museum

As Oregon’s first museum showcasing Chinese American history, art, and culture, The Portland Chinatown Museum strives to collect, preserve, and share stories and artifacts that honor immigrant experiences.

Portland Japanese Garden

This garden was created to share a genuinely peaceful experience with the community, promoting nature, harmony, and the expression of Japanese culture.

Portland Art Museum: Asian Art

With nearly 4,000 objects exhibited, the Asian Art collection at the Portland Art Museum is a constantly growing compilation of artwork mostly gifted by Portland families and individuals.

Portland Taiko

Having started with a single homemade drum, Portland Taiko is a group that performs traditional Japanese taiko drumming and promotes Asian American creativity and empowerment.

Exploring AAPI art can be a truly enlightening experience. It’s also an excellent opportunity to support the AAPI community.