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  • Delivered beyond what I had imagined

    I love the open communication I had with Malee. She understood what I was saying, what I wanted, and delivered it beyond what I had imagined. Malee’s personality is very warm and friendly, with the knowledge of her field and the passion to listen to your needs – and create what she hears and more. – Terri McKee of terrimckeephotography.com

  • Traffic and conversion strategy

    I had been disappointed in the traffic and conversion on my site but not sure where to start. Malee gave me two full pages of ideas and notes! She suggested ways to tweak some content and messaging to be stronger, some formatting suggestions I hadn’t though of, and listened to my thoughts and ideas. Malee is easy to talk to, she listens, and most importantly with web developers, she follows through! – Elizabeth Case of yellowdogconsulting.com

  • Modern and refined websites

    My old website was very outdated and lacked appeal. My new website looks very modern. She helped me create an image for my business including a new logo design, business cards, and marketing material. I would definitely recommend Sacred Fire Creative to any business looking for a refined image. – Kristen Dunn of newageaccounting.com

  • Translates ideas and personality into the perfect website

    Talented, thorough, professional and her work is visually stunning! She works at lightning speed and was able to translate my ideas and personality into the perfect website design for me. Malee went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything was perfect, in spite of my last minute requests, and she did it with a smile. I can’t recommend her highly enough. -Natasha Ogilvie-Bozsoki of findyourhomepdx.com

  • User friendly and modern website

    Our old website was very busy and was difficult to navigate. We were looking for a cleaner and more modern site. We absolutely love the design that Sacred Fire created for us. Our users have a much easier time finding the information that they are looking for. Sacred Fire Creative really listens to your needs and creates efficient and beautiful websites based on those needs in a very timely manner -Jan Engels-Smith of lightsong.net

  • Grew my business exponentially

    Within 3 months of the website going live, I went from getting about one referral every 8 weeks to 4 referrals per week. I have increased my staff from one part time person to 2 full time people and 2 part time people. I’ve been landing large corporate accounts which I was not able to get before. I’ve been so busy I’ve even had to implement a waiting list. Malee is awesome, and you should really work with her. – Rebecca Miller of rebeccarosebooks.com

  • Doubled my income in the first two weeks

    I highly recommend Malee. She definitely brought my ideas to life with a professional, user friendly website. My website had over 1700 hits in the first two weeks. She doubled my income & provided a way for me to make new connections and develop new business. – Vincent Mafnas of studiovince.com

  • Intuitive grasp of my essential self

    Malee is such an extraordinary web designer. All I can do is gush. Her artistic eye, her understanding of and support for my mission. Her intuitive grasp of my essential self. Her ability to translate my design aesthetic into the most gorgeous website. Her going above and beyond the call of duty (going to the home of an artist to take high resolution photos so the art I loved could be used on my site). Crazy amazing. Work with this woman! -Rabbi Debra Kolodny of asthespiritmovesus.com

  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the options in design? In marketing? In social media?  
  • Are you building your tribe? Ready to connect with a larger audience?  
  • Have you outgrown your starter website? Is it ugly, embarrassing, or irrelevant?  
  • Are you wondering how to bridge the gap between being genuine and persuading people to buy?  
  • Do you want to connect from the heart AND get your ideal clients to say yes?
  • Is your website attracting the wrong people? Or no one at all?
  • Do you have a big social media presence, but no website? 
  • Is your message scattered and unfocused?
  • Are you ready to be seen and known? To stand out? To make a bigger impact in the world?

You are in the right place. We love working with community builders and helping them create positive, sustainable change in the world. Our goal is to help you serve others in a big way.

From your CEO & Digital Strategist, Malee Lucas….


I have my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. When I graduated, I worked to unite movers and shakers in the government with my team. This was how I discovered my ability to create strong bonds between people. I may have gone to school to be a rocket scientist, but it turns out my true passion is fostering relationships.


Once I discovered my passion for personal growth and development, I knew I had to follow my heart. As I walked my new path, I explored Shamanism and energy healing, which I consider an important part of my lifelong learning. During my practice, I glimpsed new and wonderful ways to connect with people in physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.


My education as an engineer gave me fantastic organizational and observational skills. My experience with Shamanism provides me with the ability to follow my intuition and give my work the guidance it needs to create connections. I want to work with people who are endeavoring to build their community. I find joy in helping those who are looking to serve in a bigger way. Not only do I want to create positive change in the world with my own actions, I yearn to help conscious business owners expand their reach and find their tribes. If you are ready to leave your legacy and to live your higher purpose, you’ve come to the right place.


Yes, pick me!


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