A Meditative Painting Group to Build Self Awareness and Compassion
(5 weeks)

This group is a lighthearted way to look inward. The five sessions are designed to help you build self awareness and compassion through painting. Each time we meet, you’ll practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques prior to picking up the paintbrush.

The meditative start is designed to help you move towards the truth of your experience and approach your painting from a connected and self aware place.

Truly, there’s no prior art experience required! You’ll be given instructions and technique ideas the whole time through. Guidance will mainly be in the style of abstract painting, so you don’t need to show up with any subject matter in mind either. Just plan to embark in meaningful self-study and to also enjoy a fun and nourishing time with others.

*All sessions are on Zoom. You’re responsible for ordering and purchasing your supplies, and we’ll send the recommended list upon enrollment. The list is truly recommended, and we can always work with what you have.

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