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Hi everyone. This is Malee from Sacred Fire Creative. I’m presenting the New Age Accounting website. You’ll notice, first of all, just an updated look and a new logo. We have a main slider, and then a welcome page. We also have a new firm profile where we’ve done head shots for Kristin, care of Terry Mckee. Then, for each of the services, I’ve broken it out into different areas. We have a team of writers that provides content. There’s a call to action at the bottom of every page. You’ll also notice that we are linked to her newsletter. In the resources area, we’ve added some financial tools so that clients can use financial calculators and get some more information about their questions. There is a contact page that also provides a map to Kristen’s office. You’ll notice over here there’s a client portal so that clients can access their own private information. There you have it, New Age Accounting. Thanks a lot.