Hi, it’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative. Today, we are diving into the backend of WordPress.

When you log into WordPress and you’ll have a special web address, user name, and password, this is what you come to. This is called your Dashboard.

The first thing that I am going to show you is that if you hover over the name of the website. In this case, “HeartSpace,” you will see “Visit Site” comes up. I am going to go ahead and click that.

This particular site for HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary & Healing Center for my client, Melanie, this is the homepage. You will see it is very visual. It was created using Visual Composer. We are going to show you just a few different ways that you can edit this site.

I already went over these with Melanie, so I kind of know that she might be adding a horse, for example. I am just going to click on “The Horses,” and we are going to go that page so you can see what it looks like.

At first it has your header and “Why Horses?” Then, it goes into a description of each of the horses. You will notice in these descriptions that there is a large image on the left, the title of the horse, the name of the horse, and a paragraph describing that horse and what is going on with them.

For this page, if I wanted to add a new horse, for example, I can click on “Edit with Visual Composer.” I am going to go ahead and click on that. What is really great about Visual Composer is that it looks a lot like the website.

Once it loads up, it is going to bring up a screen that looks almost exactly the same as your webpage. Now, I will show you what is different. What is different is I hover over an element, like the image, you will see a few things pop up. If I hover over the text, you will see a few different things pop up. I will just point out a few things first.

I am going to hover over this image. In the middle here, it says, “Single Image.” There is a pencil, so I can edit it. There is the clone tool, so I can make a copy of it, and there is delete. If I just don’t want an image on that site, I will just click, “Delete.”

Now, if I want to add a new horse, for example, the easiest way for me to do this would actually be to go to the row, and you will see that up above, click on this arrow and click the clone button. Now, it seems like it didn’t work but if I scroll down, you will see there are two versions of Scout.

We have cloned the entire row, the image, the name of the horse, and the paragraph. Now, to edit it, I am just going to go into “Single Image,” click on this pencil, and here, I can just X out that horse and choose a different one. If I want to choose a horse, I can either go to the media library and choose an image or I can go to “Upload Files,” and select a file from my computer.

Once you have chosen your image, you want to click, “Set Image.” I am not going to do that because I am not going to change it. Then, you want to be sure to “Save changes.” Again, I am just going to go ahead and get out of here.

Now, to change the text, you will notice that the name of this horse up here is in a different text block than the paragraph. I am going to go ahead and click, “Edit Text Block,” and change the name to the new horse. I’m going to close that. Be sure to save your changes if you do have a new name.

If I want to edit this paragraph, I am just going to click again the pencil or the edit button. It’s thinking. There we go. Just go ahead and change this text here. Again, to make those changes, be sure to click, “Save changes.” I am just going to close out of this.

In order to save your changes that you made here, you are going to want to click, “Update,” here at the top.

Now, say you make a whole bunch of changes that you didn’t want, like I did, I am just going to go ahead and click this “X.” All right.

This warning comes up. WordPress is trying to make sure that you either want to lose your changes or you don’t. Yes, I don’t want to make these changes, so I am going to leave the page. If you made some changes and if you forgot to update it, then you want to click, “Stay on this Page,” and then go ahead and click that “Update” button. For now, I am going to leave the page.

I also talked to Melanie about maybe adding some photos. She has got a photo gallery here. I think we have 55 images of horses here.

The same sort of thing. We are going to click, “Edit with Visual Composer.” Again, it is going to look a lot like the webpage because of Visual Composer but this is within a text block just for formatting. I am going to click, “Edit Text Block.” It is going to bring this up. I am going to click on the image. It is going to give me a way to edit it. I am going to click, “Edit.”

Here is where I can either add to the gallery here or delete images that you don’t want in the gallery. Then, click, “Update gallery,” to make those changes. Also, be sure to click, “Save changes,” and “Update.”

Now, I am going to go back to the dashboard and show you a different way to access those pages. You will notice here on the left on the dashboard, there is a menu item here that says, “Pages.” When I hover over it potentially, there we go, you can see, “All pages.” I will just click that. This is just another way of accessing the pages with the titles. Again, what I will do is I will just click, “Edit with Visual Composer,” if I want to edit that page.

The other thing I want to show you is on the left here is “Media.” I am going to go to the media library. Now, in the media library are all of the photos that are part of the website. Now, if I want to add a series of photos, I can click, “Add New.” Then, when I click, “Select Files,” I can add new photos from my computer.

All right. There you have it. You have some different tools to edit your images and text using Visual Composer and this was for the HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary & Healing Center. I hope you enjoyed the video, Melanie, and thanks a lot.