There is no shortage of AAPI stores in the Portland area, including grocery, clothing, and home goods shops. Whether you’d like to go in for an immersive experience or order online, these businesses will be extremely grateful for your support. Gather special ingredients to make a traditional meal or purchase small gifts to give your loved ones for the next holiday! You’re sure to find some unique treasures in these shops.

Fubonn Shopping Center

2850 SE 82nd Ave. #80
Portland, OR

Fubonn Shopping Center is the largest Asian shopping center in Oregon. If you want to get immersed in a full Asian shopping experience, this place is an excellent start. Its main feature is its supermarket, where you can shop for hard-to-find Asian ingredients. You’ll also find a selection of shops offering Asian fashion, goods, and services, not to mention restaurants serving a variety of Asian cuisines.


1001 SW Morrison St.
Portland, OR

If you’re looking for something specific from Japan, Kiriko is a good bet. The brand specializes in Japanese textiles, apparel, and accessories. But it also has in stock a wide array of Japanese products, including home decor, tableware, pottery, tea, incense, books, and magazines.

Klum House

3808 N Williams Ave. #132
Portland, OR

Looking for personalized gift ideas? Maybe a new way to channel your creativity? You can always try making your own bags. Klum House has everything you need to make your own bag creations. It also hosts different online workshops where you can learn the bag-making skills you need, including Sewing 101.

Lily Market

11001 NE Halsey St.
Portland, OR

Lily Market first opened as a Thai supermarket, but it has since grown to include products from other Asian countries like India, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Taiwan, and the Philippines. They sell fresh Asian produce grown by local farmers.


3808 N. Williams Ave. #126
Portland, OR

Reclamation is a boutique that sells fashion, handmade goods, plants, terrariums, an exclusive line of handmade jewelry, and other items. It also fosters community-building by hosting workshops and other events. The shop has its own mascot, a turtle named Elliott.

These are just a few of the AAPI stores and shops you’ll find around Portland. Explore your neighborhood and see what you can discover.