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How can we support the AAPI community during and beyond AAPI Heritage Month? We listed here a few suggestions.

1) Donate to AAPI organizations to help them reach their goals.

With an increasingly large and diverse population of AAPI members, Oregon needs to continue developing its comprehensive resources for this community. Whether you’re looking to support a dedicated AAPI nonprofit or you’re a member of the AAPI community seeking companionship and assistance, we hope you find this list of primarily local organizations helpful and inspiring. They rely entirely on community participation, engagement, and donations. Contact them individually to find out how you can best support them and their missions.

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2) Participate in AAPI events to further your knowledge and understanding of the community’s history and hardships.

Organizations, colleges, businesses, clubs, and other institutions constantly hold events, workshops, webinars, and various celebratory offerings to promote and encourage AAPI support. We’ve compiled a list of options to invite our community to get involved in AAPI advocacy! While this is a particularly challenging year to gather people together, self-education on AAPI history and hardships is increasingly essential due to the rise in discrimination and hate crimes. As resources become more readily available, we have a responsibility to pursue them and become active advocates for the AAPI community. Due to pandemic-related cancellations, we encourage you to add these and other AAPI events to your calendar for the years to come.

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3) Visit AAPI museums and other art exhibits to immerse yourself in the beauty of the culture.

Portland is home to some of the most authentic Asian gardens and comprehensive art collections. Taking in visual representations of AAPI culture is an effective way to increase understanding and acceptance. Art has a unique way of bringing diverse communities together and creating a shared experience that unites us. Planning a trip to any of these listed AAPI museums or exhibits would make for a relaxing afternoon absorbing cultural values and artistry.

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4) Order food from AAPI-owned restaurants to help them thrive.

We’ve assembled a list of AAPI-owned restaurants in Portland that are ready and excited to share their outstanding food with you! By ordering meals from these restaurants, you’ll be contributing to their success and possibly opening your eyes to new, delicious flavors. From Thai to Indian and Chinese to Hawaiian, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your next take-out night or dine-in experience.

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5) Shop at AAPI-owned stores to boost their business.

There is no shortage of AAPI stores in the Portland area, including grocery, clothing, and home goods shops. Whether you’d like to go in for an immersive experience or order online, these businesses will be extremely grateful for your support. Gather special ingredients to make a traditional meal or purchase small gifts to give your loved ones for the next holiday! You’re sure to find some unique treasures in these shops.


Supporting Portland’s AAPI community must be a year-long thing, not just during AAPI Heritage Month. We encourage you to explore Portland and enjoy the richness and complexity that AAPI culture brings to the city.