Hi, It’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative, and today we’re showing off the finished web site for Kerstin Mcinnis. Kerstin’s site has actually been up for a little while, but I wanted to highlight some of the features of her web site and some of the things that we changed.

One of the things we did is we did a whole overhaul of images on her site. She’s moved from Seattle to Portland so we wanted to show off Portland in the background. We did some new head shots and showed off her bright and shiny smile. We also redid her logo, which is just beautiful and represents a lot of different deep things about Kerstin that you can definitely contact her about.

Some of the words that we have here on her web site come straight from her clients and some of the issues that they’re having, or some of the things that come up for them, and we wanted to be sure to change the copy so that it is speaking directly to her ideal clients and that they can see themselves here working with her, working side-by-side, and find out what that’s like. That’s where that comes from.

We also added … Kerstin added a couple different packages, so whether it’s just leaving your comfort zone, what is that like, all the way to transforming your life. What does that mean? Her blog, so Kerstin is prolific and has such deep and wonderful, thoughtful blog articles that she posts every Monday. This is an important part of her site.

We also have a testimonial here and then some more photos from Kerstin. We also added some links to her social media here. If we go to, for example, her coaching page, we’ll just go through each page of the site. This is how to work with her. What’s her background? She spent eighteen years in corporate working for Microsoft and she understands what it’s like to be in that arena and to want to grow, or change, or do something different and so she wants to bring that to other people.

She also offers workshops so this is one she has going on right now: Is Your Work in Alignment with Your Values? That is something that we can all ask ourselves. Client feedback, this is some of the feedback that she’s gotten from her clients and what they have to say about working with her. We are also able to get permission and use their head shots.

Here is her blog. There are some great answers here to the question, “Why do I coach?” Lessons Learned as a Solopreneur, and Mentoring Young Women.

There you have it. The web site for Kerstin Mcinnis. She is a career transition and life coach. Check it out at kerstinmcinnis.com. Thanks a lot.