Hi there. It’s Malee Lucas from Sacred Fire Creative, and today, we are showing off the redesign site for HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary & Healing Center. One of the things that we did that is really different from the old website is we really featured the horses and how this experience is heart-centered and based around the horses and healing through the experience with horses. We actually went out to the ranch in Redmond, Oregon, and we did a couple photo shoots out there. Some of that is displayed in this website.

Here is the home page. You’ll see her logo, her new business title, and then, also, some experience, down here, with what they do. Melanie does individual coaching. She also does self-awareness workshops and customized workshops for groups. You can read more about those, from the home page, by clicking those “Read More” buttons. She’s got a simple call to action, once again involved, so you can get in touch with her. That takes you to the contact page. She has her location, so you can find her Healing Center, Sanctuary and Healing Center, as well as her email address and phone number. There’s also some more photos of the space, down below.

All right, so now, you’ll notice at the top, she has some information about the experience, so what’s it like to have that horse/human relationship. An adorable picture of her with one of her horses. The horses are just featured prominently. It’s a very simple website. It’s actually a work in progress, and we’re going to be changing some of the site this week, actually. I wanted to show you what it looks like. We wanted something that was modern and full of imagery, so you can see all the different areas.

It’s very simple. There’s not a lot of text. It’s just very … very much an experience there, of being with the horses. There’s a little information about the work, although some of that changing, I know. Then, for the horses, what’s really nice is we have a section here on why- why do you want to work with horses and how they’re amazing. We also have this gallery of photos. You can actually click on a thumbnail, brings up a bigger image, and you can flip through the photos. There are- Let’s see, I think, fifty-five photos of the horses so a lot of beautiful images.

Then Melanie wanted, also, profiles for each horse. Down below, you’ll see a small slideshow of all of the photos for this horse, Prema. Then, again, for Scout, and then Valzara or Val. Then Nehalem, Shekinah, Athena. What’s nice is these slides- They automatically play, but you can also click through them, if you’re looking for a certain horse. You can look at it, and say, “Okay, yes. That is the one I want to work with.” Gracie, Ali … Some of the horses are so picturesque. These horses were rescued. I’m so impressed with Melanie and what she’s doing over there, at her Horse Sanctuary.

Then, for the space, we’ll show off some more photography because the space is really about the land. You’ll see here … This was taken during the summer. You can see all the mountains in the background and just the beauty of the land. Again, for this section, you can click here. It brings up that Lightbox, so you can see the fifteen photos of the space, including the arena and the Healing Center. There’s a smaller building where you can hold groups and workshops, and it’s adjacent to where the horses are and their stalls. That’s the Healing Center building again … and the barn … and the arena.

You can read some information about Melanie, as the guide, and where she was trained and some of her background. Then, there’s also contact information, with a map to her location … also, a link to her Facebook page. If you click here to ask a question, it brings up a sidebar where you can just easily send her a note. Otherwise, you can just email her directly. You have the contact information there. That’s it. That is the HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary & Healing Center. Hope you like it. Thanks a lot.