Hi, it’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative, and today we are unveiling the website for Bree Mullen. She has a retouching and post-production website, and it’s very sleek and modern, also just minimalistic. She lets her images just speak for themselves. We’re going to go to her about page next, and I’m just going to scroll through so you can see this new, beautiful website. This is a little bit about Bree, and then I’ll show you her portfolio. Also, keep in mind her website is extremely visual, and so the quality of her images is very important. What she shows here are the after effect, and then the before side by side. Here is after, and then here you see before, with the lighting, and how they created that image.

This image is also fascinating, just because the original image is beautiful, and you can see some of the things that she did to really make it pop, and then also it’s featured on the South Asian Bride Magazine. I love this retouching that she did here, and just the dramatic way that she used light. She just removed the reflection there, but you can scroll through. She has several images for you to look at, and then I’m going to go to her facts page. These can be expanded, the questions, so that you can get your frequently asked questions answered here. There’s also a client page, and so it is password-protected, and I’m going to put in her password, just so you can see this new order form.

This is the area where you can place your order, and see the different prices, and also services that she provides. You can upload your files right here. She only allows her current clients to go into that client area. Once you become a client, this is just an easy way for you to enter what you need, and then upload your files. This is her contact area and form. There you have it. Briemullinretouch.com. Thanks a lot.