Hi everybody. It’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative, and this is the website for Terri McKee Photography.

You’ll notice right away that the colors match her logo and branding, and there’s a main slider that presents her main areas of work. There’s fashion photography, events behind-the-scenes, and also product photography.

Each of these slider images is actually populated through her blog posts, so whenever she has a new blog post, that becomes part of the main slider.

Then, if you go to the About page, there’s Terri. Then, in her gallery … I’ll show you the behind-the-scenes gallery. You’ll notice that it’s a tiled gallery, and if I click any of these images, it’ll take me to the slide show.

She also has her store, so that people can purchase their images here. Finally, her contact page. There you go. Please visit terrimckeephotography.com. Thanks a lot.