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Hi it’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative and today I’m showcasing a sight we did for Dawn Janson with a positive companion. Dawn specializes in a method called T touch and she solves difficult pet behavioral problems.

This is here homepage, she’s got some beautiful images on her slider and then she has a welcome as the Founder and Owner of Positive Companion. She has a little bit about her philosophy and them some examples. When you take your dog for a walk he pulls on the leash, he barks at every little thing, your dog hates riding in the car and is reactive to other dogs, jumps, lunges and barks at other dogs or is fearful of loud noises like thunder or fireworks. For any pet that is nervous, anxious, hyperactive, restless, destructive.

I think it’s pretty amazing what she does so this is a little bit about Dawn on the next page here, her About Page. She is updating some of the images so you’ll see another update from us, little bit about her work and then here is the dog Chris that inspired her to do her work. She says she wanted to help Chris be more comfortable because he would coward and run from other dogs and somebody suggested that she try T touch. She’d never heard of it and she herself went to a 2 day workshop in Portland and was amazed at the difference in Chris at the end of 2 days. Now she’s taking that and turning it around to help other pets and pet owners.

Some of her services, she does private training, group workshops, seminars and demonstrations. She has a list of the behavioral and medical issues that she’s been able to not only see in her work but also help pets with. This is an upcoming event that she’s having for how to help your dog be calm and confidant through T touch on May 14 and 15. We’re able to add a Paypal button for people to go ahead and sign up. This is her registration form so she knows a little bit more about the dog. She has some amazing testimonials of her happy clients and they are just really grateful, thankful testimonials which you could read on her testimonials page. She’s starting to put together a helpful links page and just some sources that she knows will be helpful for pet owners.

There’s also a contact form so you can message her directly, you don’t have to even log into your own email to contact her but you can also just give her a call. There’s also links to Dawn’s social media. The Positive Companion influencing positive change in your pet.