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Hi, it’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative. Today I’m really excited to show you the “before” version of The Asian Mint website. They have 2 restaurants, the Asian Fusion Café in Highland Park and the Asian Mint Fusion Café and Dessert Bar at 75 and Forest Lane. Their website when you get to it has these 2 versions and so we’re going to chose 1 of them and go to their homepage.

You see here they have some images, they also have a Facebook like, the newsletter sign up and ways to find them on Facebook and Twitter. If you go to their “about” page you can read a little bit about them. They also have you can download or order online and you can also see it in the PDF viewer. There it is. Then there’s some specials and there’s a way to contact them on the screen. Also you can go back to their main page up here. There we go.

If I go to their other site, also similar and then we can also scroll through. They also have a location page. Then the menu, and they also take reservations right here. If I click on the reservations tab that’ll take me to be able to reserve a table for them. There you have it, The Asian Mint website. Thanks a lot.