Hi there. It’s Malee from Sacred Fire Creative. Today, I’m showing off the website for Emiley Kelley. She is a health and wellness coach in Portland, Oregon. She’s got her tagline up here, which is, “Health, wealth, wisdom, essential.” I’ll describe her homepage first. Actually, the first image that we get to is coming up right now, and it’s this green leaf. It just shows off some great vitality and wellness. Then, as we go through, she has some quotes. “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” Jimi Hendrix. “Seek adventures that open your mind.” Then, “Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life.”

Her brother is a professional photographer, so she has some beautiful imagery from him that she’s using on her website. Love it. As we scroll down, we see her blog article. She’s got three here to start with. I’ll let you take a look and read them. Goal setting, and she has a little bit on washing your face or essential oils, and then, “When I grow up,” some information about her inspiration and her grandmother. As I scroll down, you also see a picture of Emiley. There she is. A little information about her. You can read more on her about page or email her. Then, here’s her Facebook page. You go right to it. Then, also see a live feed from her Facebook.

Then, she’s got a few pages here. Her about page has a picture of her, and then tells you how she found her calling, how she got started. Her services page tells you about her coaching and her classes. There’s some information there. Then, she as a testimonials page with quotes from her clients about their work with her. Here’s another way to access her blog. Then, a contact page. You can just use a form if you like, or email her, whichever one. She’s got her Facebook link right up here, as well as her email. Emiley Kelley, she is an amazing woman who has a wealth of knowledge about health and wellness. She is also a distributor for doTERRA Essential Oils, and she loves educating communities about wellness, and preventative wellness in particular. All right, I hope you check out her website, EmileyKelley.com. Thanks a lot.