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Hi everyone. This is Malee from Sacred Fire Creative. I wanted to show you the redesign for the Light Song website. The website was transferred from Adobe Business Catalyst over to Word Press. This is the main slider. For each slide you have a different call to action. You can just see the button here. The menu across the top. Then as you scroll down you can learn more about the courses. This is a different kind of slider that just has a list of the courses. You can also select any of the courses here or any of the main pages. There’s also a video slider so you can play the videos here. Then the blog. You can click any of these to learn more about these articles.

If you scroll down here, this section on shamanic information takes you to pages that are related to the important topics for this school. There’s a testimonial slider here. Then an area to sign up for the newsletter for your free gift. The arrow takes you back up to the top where we can take a look at one of the pages. This is just the level one class. You can see the main information for the class is on the left. There is a side bar with news and also with the Facebook like box. This is their events calendar. Then here’s their contact page. There’s also a section on the articles that were written by Jan Engle-Smith. These articles you can also look them up alphabetically if you know of a certain one that you want to look up. These are just a great resource for the community.

You know, this is a pretty extensive site so there’s just a lot of information here. I invite you to visit the site at Thanks a lot.